These pictures are projects our young engineers have been working on using a variety of digital tools.  


The activities range from coding in Scratch, WeDo Construction 2.0, Stop Motion Animation, Makey Makey to developing engineering skills with paper, marbles, and MakerSpace ideas.

Using bricks and Scratch™ to design, imagine, create, and explore are just the beginning at Fun 2 Learn 4 All!

Working with a team allows EVERYONE to become involved and share their voice!

Young engineers work on projects that they see in their mind's eye!

Fun 2 Learn 4 All will never get tired of using bricks to demonstrate new learning, challenge ideas, and simple enjoy playing!

At Fun 2 Learn 4 All we will use a variety of materials to demonstrate our learning.  Cardboard, tape, and paper will show the world what awesome prototypes we can make and show off to the world!

Exploring with Stop Motion Animation allows young movie producers to create their dream movies!

Join us at Fun 2 Learn 4 All!

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